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Getting Started With Plant Spirit Medicine

by | May 16, 2023

If you are interested in receiving help from a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer the first step is to reach out and make contact. The healer will explain the way they work including the financial exchange and regularity of the treatment schedule.

All the healers in the directory were taught and graduated by Eliot Cowan and / or his qualified teachers in the UK:

  • Pip Waller
  • Lucy Wells
  • Anna Murray Preece

Getting started with Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM)

The first initial intake or traditional assessment session can take up to 3 hours when you get to share your concerns and personal and medical history as well as a simple physical examination.

Plant Spirit Medicine: What to expect

Subsequent treatments are arranged at further regular intervals and typically last about an hour. They include some conversation, lying down on a treatment couch while the healer calls the plants by the laying on of hands, some balancing checks and the taking of pulses at the wrist. The process is gentle, relaxing and highly nurturing. You will not be required to ingest any substance.

What can Plant Spirit Medicine help with?

You can consult a PSM healer on any number of topics, the important equation is recognising that you would like some help with whatever is troubling your mind, body, emotional well being or spirit.

The plant spirits are uniquely available to help our human spirits. A vast percentage of our problems are rooted in spirit and when this is touched, deep healing on all levels is set in motion.

Plant Spirit Medicine in this form is a modern emergence of an ancient indigenous wisdom that understands and works with the divine relational and interconnected nature of the plant and the human realms.

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation of what Plant Spirit Medicine is and how you can get started:

Seasonal Connection Course

A Year With The Plants

Listen deeply to the call of Mother Nature as she welcomes us home to greater balance and harmony.

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