Seasonal Connection Course

A Year With The Plants

Listen deeply to the call of Mother Nature as she welcomes us home to greater balance and harmony.

Thank you for your interest in our Online Seasonal Connection Course, where we walk with you through the year to discover the healing potential always present in the divine natural world.

The course offers structured modules through each of the five seasons of Spring, Summer, Harvest, Autumn/Fall and Winter.

“I have enjoyed the wisdom that Pip and Lucy have shared, and their delightful way of offering knowledge and projects without making anything compulsory. There has been plenty opportunity for sharing between those of us taking part in the group.”

“Brilliant! The way that Lucy and Pip warmly welcomed everyone, held each person’s truths and experience of the seasons, communicated the relevant data about the seasons along with the relevant emotions that go with those seasons was authentic, smart, and kind. “

“A cycle of seasons is now complete…This exploration took me on an amazing journey that not only deepened my awareness of nature and her moods, but also of my relationship with the seasons and my own cyclical patterns.”

Each Season has modules dedicated to learning about the

  • Five element perspective
  • Western physiology
  • The emotional correspondences of the times of year

Each module is packed with content:

  • Video lectures
  • Audio files
  • Physical exercise videos
  • Recipes for selfcare
  • Suggested daily and seasonal practices
  • Guidance on your personal journey with the plants
  • Monthly Zoom meetings with Pip, Lucy and other members of the course

Invigorate your worldly engagement

As a tool for self-development, the course encourages you to investigate your own personal and unique relationship with the world, the seasonal qualities, and their effects so that we learn more about ourselves, the environments we inhabit, and the energy field that unifies us.

At a time when our human relations with the environment and ecology are in such a crisis, this type of deep nature connection is both a selfcare necessity and a valuable healing resource.

The course is taken at your own pace with as much or as little involvement as fits your lifestyle.

There is also a regular opportunity to meet with a community of people also engaged in this quiet revolution of perspective during the monthly zoom conferences hosted by Pip and Lucy and share insights and creative expressions via the online forum.

We invite all of you to join us.


(lifetime subscription)

One-off fee that gives you lifetime access to the course.


(lifetime subscription)

For anyone who would struggle to pay the full price, with our love

Pip Waller

Pip Waller is a medical herbalist and plant spirit medicine healer living in North Wales, UK.

She has been practicing and teaching natural healing methods for 30 years. Her first book, Holistic Anatomy, was published in 2009 and continues to increase in popularity. In 2015 she wrote The Herbal Handbook of Home & Health, a book of 501 herbal recipes for everything from laundry and medicines to string.

A shorter 350 recipe version, The Health and Beauty Botanical Handbook, was released in 2018. Her third book, Deeply Holistic, an inspiring book about being human and caring for all of our needs, came out in January 2018.

Lucy Wells

Lucy Wells came to plant spirit medicine after a journey through community arts, tai chi and other energetic healing systems and has been in practice since 2006.

She combines her healing work with other arts and performance activities which also explore the nature of deep and transformative change.

She is an initiated firekeeper with the sacred fire community, a therapeutic counsellor and has also trained as a funeral celebrant. She is the author of one other book, The Wave Hub Chronicles (2011).