Touched by Nature

Every plant has a spirit, and every spirit has a story to share, and every story offers widsom and knowledge . . .

You become part of those stories every time you walk through the woods or stroll through a meadow…

…every time you take a breath of spring air or gather wood for your winter fires.

The knowledge and wisdom is all around us. It’s simply a matter of letting it…

…touch our hearts.

Pip Waller and Lucy Wells


Touched by Nature



The Book. . .

Touched by Nature is a book about the medicine of the plant spirits told through many different voices and stories.

It is a medicine that can deeply change our lives and help us troubled humans rejoin the great web of nature, moving us closer to greater balance and harmony.

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“It is an inspirational read and shouts out joyously about this much needed and timely medicine for our world today.”

Julie Woods

“A truly magical book. The plant spirits will step out of the pages to inspire you on your healing journey!”

Lucy Harmer

“This book is a window on a way of engaging with the world that is very ancient and very needed at this time.”

Michael Vertolli



Pip Waller is a medical herbalist and plant spirit medicine healer living in North Wales, UK.

She has been practicing and teaching natural healing methods for 30 years. Her first book, Holistic Anatomy, was published in 2009 and continues to increase in popularity. In 2015 she wrote The Herbal Handbook of Home & Health, a book of 501 herbal recipes for everything from laundry and medicines to string.

A shorter 350 recipe version, The Health and Beauty Botanical Handbook, was released in 2018. Her third book, Deeply Holistic, an inspiring book about being human and caring for all of our needs, came out in January 2018.



Lucy Wells came to plant spirit medicine after a journey through community arts, tai chi and other energetic healing systems and has been in practice since 2006.

She combines her healing work with other arts and performance activities which also explore the nature of deep and transformative change.

She is an initiated firekeeper with the sacred fire community, a therapeutic counsellor and has also trained as a funeral celebrant. She is the author of one other book, The Wave Hub Chronicles (2011). 

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Spring 2023

A Taste of Plant Spirit Medicine

10am-10pm Sat 13th – 10am-4pm Sun 14TH May 2023

Come to a beautiful location in Shropshire near Ludlow and be introduced to Plant Spirit Medicine, a deep and true answer to the imbalance of our time.

The weekend is facilitated by qualified teachers Lucy Wells and Pip Waller who have practised plant spirit medicine since 2005

Come and enjoy being introduced to, connecting and building deep relationship with nature and the plant spirits.

A one-off experience to deepen connection with divine nature, or as an enticement to further study of the extraordinary medicine of the plant spirits.

Booking essential as places are limited. For more info or to book:

Cost £150 lunches included, concessions available

We do not wish that lack of money prevent you from coming

Please ask about concessions if you are not able to attend without.

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Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant spirit medicine recognises that plants have spirit, that spirit is the strongest medicine and that spirit can heal the deepest reaches of our heart and soul.

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Sacred Fires

Sitting with fire is an ancient time honoured human practice. Experiencing the sacred is about connecting with something larger than ourselves.

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What is plant spirit medicine?

Plant spirit medicine is a system of healing that encourages shifts and flows within a human being’s energy system via the gifts of the plant spirits.

These shifts and flows are towards greater balance and harmony. It is a holistic system meaning that it assumes that a human being is a spiritual, mental and emotional being as well as a physical being inhabiting a body.

Plant spirit medicine is administered by a plant spirit medicine healer who acts as an agent for the delivery of the healing powers of the plant spirits.

Plant spirit medicine touches all the aspects of a person’s being thereby helping to resolve issues that have their roots in the other than physical world. It is a very thorough system that has strict protocols and parameters.

Plant spirit medicine as practised in the way that we are advocating does not involve the ingestion of any plants.

What is an ‘introduction to plant spirit medicine’?

It is a weekend opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world and learn techniques for making relationships with the plant spirits.

Over the course of a weekend you will be provided with practical exercises in a very supportive environment to help you make the profound connections that open us up to a new and invigorating appreciation of the living world.

This perspective demands that we slow down and take the necessary time to listen to the quiet wisdom that is broadcast from the plants.

As a course it is potentially life changing and can be taken by complete beginners or by those with some previous experience.

Online Seasonal Connection Course

Because of the difficulties meeting in person at the moment we are offering our courses online

We are offering a “Touched by Nature” 5 module online course which follows the year and the seasonal energies of

Spring, Summer, Harvest Time, Autumn and Winter.

The course is designed to deepen connection to these elemental energies as we experience them within ourselves and in the world around us.

We invite you to immerse yourself in each season’s individual flavour and explore your relationship with them, what they bring and how best to harness and understand their particular qualities.

Over the course of the year you will be introduced to a series of guided explorations and exercises designed to enhance awareness and more fully embrace this fundamental natural cycle.

Each module begins with an online conference call via Zoom to introduce ourselves and answer any questions which may arise in response to the course outline which you will receive upon registration.

There is ongoing support via email or phone with Lucy and Pip.


If you have any questions about our events or would like to attend one of our workshops, please do get in touch.

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